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Washing the Car


Detailing the outside of your vehicle to look new again.

Exterior Only Detail: Services

Silver Detail

Sedan: $140.00
Mid-Size SUVs and Trucks: $160.00
Full Size SUVs Van's and Trucks: $200.00

  • Pressure wash vehicle to remove all loose dirt and debris.

  • Detailed hand wash

  • Clean wheel rim faces, tires, and fender wells.

  • Hand dry exterior using premium microfiber towels.

  • Apply water-based tire dressing that won't sling

  • One step polish and wax application that gives a six-months of protection with proper care.

Diamond Detail

Sedan: $200.00 add 2yr, Ceramic $400.00
Mid-Size SUVs and Trucks: 280.00 add 2yr Ceramic $520.00
Full Size SUVs Vans and Trucks: $300.00 add 2yr Ceramic $700.00

Includes everything in silver package plus:


  • Foam bath pre-soak.

  • Remove any existing foreign particles from paint using clay bar.

  • Two Step Polish with a high-quality compound to remove minor surfaces scratches using a Rupes DA Polisher.

  • Then apply a quality wax that will give your paint 6 months of protection, giving your car quality paint protection that with proper care should provide years of protection.

  • Exterior plastics UV protected with top-of-the-line protectant.

  • Offering G'Techniq EXO 4/5 ceramic coating paint. This product offers up to 2 years of protection with proper care.

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